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Our Premium Targeted Organic Traffic delivers results! Unlike our other traffic options which allow customers to target by Category, Organic Web Traffic takes it a step further with keyword-driven traffic. That means YOU select (up to 3) keywords that align specifically with your content/offer/messaging. Can’t get more keyword-targeted than that! This means that visitors to your website will have a much higher-than-average propensity to convert. And, as an added bonus, Organic Traffic will also improve your Google search ranking as a natural by-product. As with other traffic offerings, we guarantee the following:

  • All visitors are REAL with unique IP addresses
  • All traffic is 100% trackable on Google Analytics as well as a special tracking link that is sent when we begin the order

To start a new campaign, select from the options below and you’ll be on your way.  NOTE: Please review our Before You Order page to help set appropriate expectations for the end-to-end order process and associated timelines as well as ensuring your content aligns with our Policy Guidelines.  We are always here to help should any questions arise!

Targeting Options:


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No redirects (the URL provided must not be redirected to another website/page). See our FAQS

Keywords To Target *

Please provide (up to) 3 keywords. Each keyword should contain 2-3 words and be directly relevant to your website or blog content. Think – if you were searching for your company, what might you enter into a search engine to find options? Examples: Los Angeles Home Builders, US Children’s Book Publishers, Best Natural Cosmetics, etc.

Keyword Traffic Search Engine

You may select any or all of options below. Note that if you select more than one, we will equally divide the traffic across the selected search engines.